What I’ve Read This Week #1

Podcasts listened to. Articles read. Books read. Videos watched on YouTube. TV. Films.


Life In Lockdown

Redundancy. Becoming a stay at home mum. Anxiety. Depression. Reconnecting with children. Friends. Family. Reading. Business.


World Book Day or Stress About Costumes Day?

When you think of World Book Day what memories does it evoke in you? Personally, as a child I recall dressing up as various characters and maybe taking my favourite book into school. As an early years practitioner, I have worked in various settings where parents are encouraged to dress their children in various shop… Continue reading World Book Day or Stress About Costumes Day?


Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020

I'm going to start of by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! We did it, we made it into another year, and not just that another bloody decade! It's such a cliche but I have high hopes for 2020! On a personal level I have had such a mixed bag of highs and lows in the last… Continue reading Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020


Aoife, On Your Fourth Birthday

Aoife, As I write this I have just forfeited the bedtime battle as, if I am very honest with you, I couldn't cope with the whining any longer. This, however, does not mean that I love you any less. If anything, I love you more each and every day, which I did not think was… Continue reading Aoife, On Your Fourth Birthday


Where to See Father Christmas in Leicestershire 2019

I know I for one am always looking for decent places to take my children to see Father Christmas. I have yet to book an experience but here are some of the places in Leicestershire I am considering! Palmers Garden Centre, Enderby, Leicestershire With events such as Breakfast with Santa: (available at both Enderby and… Continue reading Where to See Father Christmas in Leicestershire 2019


Creating Rhythms: Autumn Season Display

If you have been following me for a little while you will know that recently I have begun to embed the seasonal changes in our home in a way that is aestically pleasing and provokes curiosity in my children! As you can see I like to mix up the display of items with a variety… Continue reading Creating Rhythms: Autumn Season Display


Our Autumn Bucket List

I know Autumn is well on it's way but here are some of the things on our Autumn bucket list for 2019! 1. Go to a pumpkin patch and pick our own pumpkins. DONE 2. Dress up for Halloween. 3. Go to a Bonfire/Fireworks display. 4. Carve pumpkins. 5. Collect Conkers! DONE! 6. Go for… Continue reading Our Autumn Bucket List


Teaching Children Body Autonomy and Consent

Something that I feel quite strongly about instilling in my children is an understanding of body autonomy and what consent is; in terms of the latter the understanding that they should give consent, and that they can change their minds but also that they should seek consent from others before acting upon acts of touch… Continue reading Teaching Children Body Autonomy and Consent

Play Ideas

31 Days of Summer Play with Invitations to Play – Our Thoughts So Far

We were very kindly asked by Rowan over at Invitations to Play on instagram to be brand ambassadors* for her current #31daysofsummerplay. The premise of 31 Days of Summer Play is a PDF with an invitation to play sent to your inbox every day (normally around 6am, so there is plenty of time to set… Continue reading 31 Days of Summer Play with Invitations to Play – Our Thoughts So Far