Breastfeeding & Me – An Update

As it is World Breastfeeding Week I thought I would share where I am at the moment with my Breastfeeding relationship. As it is I am in that part of a long-term relationship where I have had enough. It is pretty love/hate at the moment. I love the connection I have with my children. I… Continue reading Breastfeeding & Me – An Update


Post Natal Depression… One Year On

If you are familiar with my blog or instagram account then you may know that in April 2018, three months after giving birth to Cassius and after months of feeling absolutely terrible, I was diagnosed with post natal depression and put onto anti-depressants. I am now well over a year into being on medication and… Continue reading Post Natal Depression… One Year On


Surviving A Family Holiday With Young Children!

As soon of you may have seen from my instagram account during the first week of the summer holidays we went on a family holiday to Bude in Cornwall. It was your average family holiday I must admit as there were seventeen (thirteen adults, two preteens and two under the age of four!) of us… Continue reading Surviving A Family Holiday With Young Children!


Creating Rhythms: Summer Season Display

It has taken me longer than I had hoped to do this post. Unfortunately, the weeks leading up to the Summer break weren't great for me but now the holidays are here I am ready to get stuck back into creating seasonal rhythms with my children. Here is the "Summer Season Display" I have set… Continue reading Creating Rhythms: Summer Season Display


Our Summer Bucket List 2019

Ideally, I should of had my brainwave for this post before we went on holiday but better late than never! (Plus I have some lovely photos from the things we have done!) 1. Go strawberry picking! We have a lovely farm not far from us that I am hoping to take the kids to! DONE… Continue reading Our Summer Bucket List 2019

Cassius Updates

Cassius @ 18 Months

Well we have finally hit the toddler stage of life with Cassius! 18 months with him have flown by. There have been a fair amount of lows and they have been counterbalanced with plenty of highs! In my previous posts I mentioned how Cassius had yet to have any teeth appear! Well we finally had… Continue reading Cassius @ 18 Months


My Top Tips For Tandem Feeding…

When I fell pregnant with Cassius in June 2017, I was still breastfeeding Aoife. She was 18 months at that point and I knew I wanted to feed her until she was at least 2 years old (as per the WHO guidelines). I didn't know anyone personally who had breastfed through a pregnancy so it… Continue reading My Top Tips For Tandem Feeding…