Top Tips for Tandem Feeding

When I fell pregnant with Cassius in June 2017, I was still breastfeeding Aoife. She was 18 months at that point and I knew I wanted to feed her until she was at least 2 years old (as per the WHO guidelines). I didn't know anyone personally who had breastfed through a pregnancy so it… Continue reading Top Tips for Tandem Feeding


Five Reasons I Love The Spice Girls

If you follow me on Instagram (here) you may have seen that early on in this month I went with some friends to see my childhood heroes the Spice Girls on their epic 2019 tour. Critics have done their best to blast the Spice Girls, saying the lack of new material and just rehashing old… Continue reading Five Reasons I Love The Spice Girls

Eco-Friendly Swaps

Easy Eco Swaps With Children

The ideas of being eco-friendly and making those swaps from the disposable products we all used to can be quite daunting. In fact, it can be incredibly daunting to know where to start! I have made some eco-friendly swaps/choices in the time I have been parenting my children. Here are some of the swaps I… Continue reading Easy Eco Swaps With Children


Climate Change & Children

Climate change is an all too real issue and thankfully it is gathering more and more press thanks to the recent documentary of BBC One "Our Planet", the extinction rebellion protests and teenage activist Greta Thunberg. Climate change IS having a massive impact on the world of today, and on the world of tomorrow... the… Continue reading Climate Change & Children


Aoife @ 3.5 Years

It really is crazy how fast time seems to fly. It feels like only yesterday that I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl and now here I am writing about the sassy preschooler that rules the roost in the house! Aoife is an absolute delight to have around. A child filled with love, happiness,… Continue reading Aoife @ 3.5 Years

Eco-Friendly Swaps

Every Week Is Real Nappy Week Here!

As you may or may not have known Real Nappy Week has recently occurred. Real nappy week was devised as a way of raising awareness of cloth nappies and encourage others to give them a try! I personally am a huge fan of cloth nappies having used them with both of my children! I began… Continue reading Every Week Is Real Nappy Week Here!


Creating Rhythms: Easter/Spring Season Table

A couple of months back I took part in a parenting course called "Rhythm in the Home" hosted by the wonderful Eloise of the Frida Be Mighty Blog (If you haven't already I highly recommend checking out Eloise's wonderful blog, the courses she has available. I've done three out of the four she offers, and… Continue reading Creating Rhythms: Easter/Spring Season Table