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Turning the negatives of Alopecia into positives!

Alopecia can be a pretty devastating condition to develop. I don't think anyone can truly appreciate how a condition that changes your appearance without your control can really affect you mentally, without it happening to you personally. After all, it's just hair.  Over the years, I have changed my hair drastically from the bleached blonde,… Continue reading Turning the negatives of Alopecia into positives!


Sleep, Oh How I Miss It, The Bedtime Tag

I was tagged by Nat at Handful of Halfpennys and Sarah at Boo, Roo and Tigger Too to answer the following question about my bedtime routine! Thank you Nat and Sarah! Describe your usual bedtime routine. In one word it would be chaotic ha! I bedshare with Aoife (Luke works nights) So most nights I get in… Continue reading Sleep, Oh How I Miss It, The Bedtime Tag

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The (Not So Big or Fat) Quiz of the Year 2016!

I was linked by Katie over at Living Life Our Way to reflect on the year gone by! A small Q&A just to make it easier! What was your highlight of 2016? My personal highlight of 2016 was spending it with my beautiful daughter. She is my highlight of 2016. My blogging highlight of 2016 would be… Continue reading The (Not So Big or Fat) Quiz of the Year 2016!


Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

First of all I would like to wish whoever is reading this a very Happy New Year! Hope you all had lovely nights! We spent ours with family, having a few drinks (although not too many because of the baby!) 2016 has been a strange year and a year that could of been a lot… Continue reading Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017


How Do We Do Christmas?

I was tagged in the "How We Do Christmas Tag" by Amy over at Amy& Tots (to read her tag click here.) Who doesn't love Christmas! And with this being the first Christmas Aoife can enjoy I am particularly excited! Although I have a feeling she will prefer the paper to the presents and boob to Christmas dinner!… Continue reading How Do We Do Christmas?


Alopecia: A Bittersweet Diagnosis

This week I had my first appointment at the LRI with the Dermatologist to discuss my hair loss. I had waited just over 3 months for this appointment after pushing for a referral with my GP (who to be honest I have found quite useless. I hate to use the word useless but when I… Continue reading Alopecia: A Bittersweet Diagnosis


Pumpkin Picking with my Pumpkin, Halloween 2016

This year there seems to have been a bit of a trend in the UK of going to farms to pick pumpkins. It's such a lovely thing to do with family and although Aoife is only 11 months we still had a lovely time looking at all the pumpkins and picking our favourite! We went… Continue reading Pumpkin Picking with my Pumpkin, Halloween 2016