Let the Maternity Leave commence!

It's official I have finished work. I know it seems a bit early for maternity leave, i'm 32 weeks this week! Technically speaking, my maternity leave starts at the beginning of January as I have time off for the Christmas break 🙂 So with 8 weeks until my due date (5-10 weeks until a full… Continue reading Let the Maternity Leave commence!


Pregnancy the Second Time Around

I haven't really spoken much about my pregnancy on here... and whilst I am awake at 5am on a Saturday morning had this sudden urge to 😂 In the above picture I am 30 weeks! The bump doesn't look too big here but I feel massive! 1st Trimester As you can see on the above… Continue reading Pregnancy the Second Time Around


The “Due” Date…

I am due baby number 2 on 15th February 2018... but this time around I won't be worried if I go "overdue". I never understand how they can know anyway seeing as it is only really a prediction based on dates of your menstrual cycle. Quite impressed with myself at only being one day out… Continue reading The “Due” Date…

Breastfeeding · Pregnancy

Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: What It’s Been Like For Me So Far! 

This pregnancy has been very different to my first for many reasons (more on those in another post!) The main reason for this pregnancy being different is that I am breastfeeding my 22 month old daughter! A common symptom to experience in pregnancy is nipple sensitivity and that is even more so if you are… Continue reading Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: What It’s Been Like For Me So Far!