10 Reasons I Rock at Being Aoife’s Mummy!

I was tagged by the fab┬áCare Johnson! Check out her tag here! Becoming a parent is such a massive change to life! But being a mother is one of the most rewarding (if difficult) jobs I have had! Here are my 10 reasons I am rocking being a mum... Despite completely winging it I seem… Continue reading 10 Reasons I Rock at Being Aoife’s Mummy!


Babywearing and Me

Today I want to talk about babywearing! Something I have come to love since becoming a mother! Aoife at 5 weeks in the Close Caboo Now when I was pregnant "babywearing" never really crossed my mind, i'll be honest I was super excited about having a pram to push around! I had been exposed to… Continue reading Babywearing and Me