Babywearing and Me

Today I want to talk about babywearing! Something I have come to love since becoming a mother! Aoife at 5 weeks in the Close Caboo Now when I was pregnant "babywearing" never really crossed my mind, i'll be honest I was super excited about having a pram to push around! I had been exposed to… Continue reading Babywearing and Me


Aoife – A 3 Month Update

I'm a tad late with this one as we are now almost fifteen weeks into our parenting journey! Where has the time gone?! A lot has certainly changed in the last nine weeks as compared to my six weeks post! Here are my top five things I have learnt... 1. Breastfeeding I reached my three… Continue reading Aoife – A 3 Month Update


Aoife – A Six Week Update

This week I reached week six of motherhood and what a mental six weeks it has been. More so because of Christmas and New Year and I couldn't be more relieved we can enter a bit of normality in our daily routine! Here are my top 5 things I have learnt about being a mother...… Continue reading Aoife – A Six Week Update